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William Shatner has been a TV icon to multiple generations, whether as Star Trek’s Captain Kirk or his current gig as Denny Crane on Boston Legal (premiered tonight, Sept. 22 at 10 pm/ET, ABC). And who can forget his role in those Priceline commercials? Shatner earned a Bachelor’s degree in commerce from Montreal’s McGill University in 1952.  TV Guide caught up with Shatner to talk about, Legal’s final 13 episodes and how he’d Like Denny to go out.

TV Guide: When fans approach you in public now, what do they usually reference: Captain Kirk from Star Trek, Denny Crane from Boston Legal or your Priceline spokesperson gig?
William Shatner:
Probably more Denny Crane than anything else. And instead of the usual "I hate to bother you," which they say when they think of me as Captain Kirk, they come up and go, "Say ‘Denny Crane!’" The name is great — it’s like a foghorn.

TV Guide: If these 13 episodes are the end of Boston Legal, how would you like to see Denny Crane go out?
Well, he could die, or he could shrug off the effects of age. I’d like to see one of those two. [Pause] I guess dying’s not a great idea, but gaining some feeling of restitution of his youth would be interesting.

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I don’t recommend viewing this show with your kids.  Boston Legal is a Golden Globe, Peabody Award and Emmy Award winning legal comedy drama for parents and I just adore Denny Crane, who wouldn’t?

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