Where are they now? The Bionic Woman

Author: Rosie

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In 1975, Universal executives were looking for a tall, athletic actress to play a "bionic woman" opposite Lee Majors in a special two-part installment of the weekly TV series The Six Million Dollar Man. Lindsay’s contract was extended an extra few days to permit her to play the role of Jaime Sommers — and when the two-parter was spun off into the Bionic Woman TV series in 1976, Lindsay, still bitter over her firing, demanded a then-staggering sum of $17,500 per program, and a percentage of the merchandising profits. After the cancellation of Bionic Woman in 1978, Lindsay kept her star shining brightly such made-for-TV movies as The Incredible Journey of Dr. Meg Laurel (1979), Callie and Son (1981), I Want to Live (1983), Convicted (1986), The Taking of Flight 847: The Uli Dedrickson Story  (1989), and I Want to Keep My Daughter (1995). She has also appeared in several TV-movie sequels to The Bionic Woman, including 1993’s Bionic Ever After. Source

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