The Classic Rubber Ducky Bath Toy

Author: Rosie

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Sometimes the most simple of toys are the ones that bring our children the most enjoyment, and this holds true for bath toys as well. We can spend hundreds of dollars buying toys that we believe our children will like, only to find that they like playing with cups and measuring spoons. One toy that every child loves, however, is not only inexpensive, but is as classic as peanut butter and jelly: the rubber ducky.

Rated as one of the "Top Toys of 2008", the rubber ducky has been a staple of bath toys for generations, and will continue to be a desired toy in the tub long after all of the newer, high tech toys are off the market. The problem with many rubber duckies, however, is that they do not want to stay upright. They tend to flip easily, which makes it frustrating for children and for adults alike. The Jumbo Rubber Ducky, however, is a rubber ducky that created in such a way that it doesn’t flip easily. It is large, approximately 10” long, and has a wide base. The classic shape is easy for little hands to grasp, and the material does not get mildew easily. Just rinse this little ducky off after bath time and you’ll have him for a very long time.

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