Baby Caylee’s Mom Over The Deepend

Author: Rosie

In: Casey Anthony, Caylee Marie Anthony, GLOBE

In a GLOBE exclusive, friends expose the shocking reason that mom Casey Anthony snapped - and rip the lid off a secret witness’ bombshell charges that could lead to the Orlando, Fla., party animal facing a murder rap in the disappearance of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. Check out the full story in this month’s GLOBE issue.  Source

One Response to “Baby Caylee’s Mom Over The Deepend”

  1. Shirley Jackson Says:

    First off I think she is quilty cause she lied about so much stuff all I want to know how could a mother kill thier own child after carrying it for 9 months and then giving birth just to kill the child if she did it she deserves what she did to that child to happen to her . Anyone that hurts a child should die the same death that child died of. I mean children are our future children deserve to be loved and treasured not beaten or killed.